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Celebration of the National Day of Romania, in Bucharest, by a Military Parade

Minister of Defense, Sorin Frunzaverde, and the chief of the General Staff, Admiral Gheorghe Marin, expressed their gratitude to all the military implied in organization of the Military Parade dedicated to the celebration of the National Day of Romania.

“ I do appreciate the effort, the professionalism and the abnegation proved by our military, from soldier up to the General, for this year Parade to be a successful one – stated the Minister of Defense. I am sure all our compatriots, no matter their presence at the Arch of Triumph or in front of their TV sets, felt proud for being Romanians and having the armed forces able to represent them wherever their duty is. I salute all the Romanian military in mission outside the borders and that they are celebrating the National Day and thinking to their relatives and to Romania, and I wish them “Many Happy Returns of the Day” and let them return home healthy.”

In December 1st, all the garrisons and the military units all over the country organized the military ceremony, lay of wreaths and activities for the National Day of Romania.

In Bucharest, this morning, the Ministry of Defense organized a military and religious ceremony at the Grave of the Unknown Soldier in Parcul Carol and an impressive Military Parade with 1,200 persons from the Romanian Armed Forces, the Ministry of Administration and Interior, the Romanian Intelligence Service and the Service of Protection and Guard. The sub-units of military students, pupils and professionals with their Air Force and Army new equipment had their Parade in front of the official tribune.

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