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Gifts for the Iraqi children

The military of the 811th Infantry Battalion “Dragonii Transilvani” organized today, the Day of Saint Nicolas, a CIMIC action for the help of population on the area of the bridge over the Euphrates river. The guard and the security of this objective is one of the main mission the Romanian military have in Dhi Qar Province.

The Romanian military visited a school and gave writing materials, sweets and toys to 80 children, for the Saint Nicolas Day. The Battalion CIMIC officer, Captain Dan Turcanu, explained to the Iraqi children how the Romanian children clean and set their boots for the moment of receiving the gifts.

This occasion, the Battalion doctor, Major Emil Coman, granted the medical assistance to the Iraqi people in need, young and old.

According to the Romanian Battalion PR officer, Lieutenant Mihai Ursache, within the same CIMIC project, they had talks with the local leaders on the works of repair of a secondary bridge over the Euphrates.

Till now, “Dragonii Transilvani” ended in the four months mission, three CIMIC projects in Al Fudlija, in worth of about $700,000, i.e. two systems of water and sewer and an electric power network. In the same period, the population in Al Islah received drugs, furniture, writing materials and cloths.

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Actualizare: 21.01.2019