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The day of accession of Romania to the European Union will be celebrated by the Ministry of Defense according to the order of the Minister of Defense, Sorin Frunzaverde.

Thus, festive meetings will occur in all the subordinated units, the military clubs, the theaters of operations where the Romanian military are deployed and the military representances of Romania for the presentation of documentaries on the importance, advantages and military implications of Romanian’s accession to the European Union.

Festivities and shows dedicated to this event, scientific papers, symposiums, conferences and exhibitions of books presenting the documentary materials on the rights, freedoms and obligations as citizens of the European Union will occur along traditional activities dedicated to the winter celebrations in the MoD institutions of culture.

Starting January 1, 2007 all the military units and commands will hoist the national flag, the NATO flag and the EU flag and the MoD personnel will participate in the manifestations dedicated to the accession, organized by the central and local authorities, at their request.

The EU flags have been send in the theaters of operations, too and the Romanian military will organize the festive activities for this moment, according to the special existing conditions.

A festive meeting will occur Friday, December 29, 2006, starting 11 a.m. at the MoD HQ on the accession of Romania to the European Union. Minister of Defense, Sorin Frunzaverde, generals and officers, military and civilian personnel from the General Staff will participate in. The festivity will start with a military ceremony and the Military Band of the Representative Military Band will tune the hymns of Romania and the European Union.

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