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Chief of the Air Force Staff - in India

The chief of the Air Force Staff, Lieutenant General Gheorghe Catrina will participate between February 3 and 10, in India in the Platinum Jubilee of the Indian Air and in the international seminary on the “Airspace Power in the Tomorrow World” and “Aero-India 2007 ” show.

During the seminary, in New Delhi, between February 3 and 4, General Catrina will deliver the paper on the “Transformation of Air Power: Translating Technology into Doctrine, Strategy and Application”.

Representatives of the Air Forces from Australia, Botswana, Canada, France, Germany, India, Israel, Italy, Malaysia, UK, Russia, Singapore, USA, Sweden and Turkey will participate in this event.

They will approach the issues on the correlation between technology-air power and air defense-air police- air sovereignty, the implications of the development of the high precision systems and communications and the influence of the new air platforms as part of the air forces’ endowment.

Air Force Staff


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