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“Strategii XXI” - session of scientific works

The Minister of Defense, Teodor Melescanu, will open Thursday, April 12, at 9 a.m. the annual session of scientific works, “Strategii XXI” (Strategies 21) with the international participation.

The event is organized and hosted by the National University of Defense “Carol I” and will occur between April 12 and 13, on the “South Eastern European Space, within the Globalization” as the main theme of discussions.

800 participants from important institutions from the Hellenic Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine, and Hungary have announced their participation in this event.

Ministers, State Secretaries, representatives of the institutions with responsibility in national defense and security, professors, researchers, military attaches accredited in Bucharest are invited, too for this session.

The “Strategii XXI” session of scientific works is also an occasion for an exchange of opinions, ideas and experience between the civilian and the military specialists in such important areas as security and defense, management and education, geopolitics, geostrategy and military art history, e-learning, and educational software, military strategy, informational systems, law, logic, finance and accounting, public and intercultural communication.

Details: Major Daniel Marin. Phone 3194880 extension 131, cell phone 0746015148.

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