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“Noble Light I” Exercise

An RBC (Radiological-Biological-Chemical) Decontamination Platoon, consisting of 14 military, Romania is setting at NRF 9 disposal, participated in “Noble Light I” exercise occurred at Civita Vecchia, Italy in May 2007.

The aim of the exercise was the test of the NBC Multinational Battalion capability and interoperability ( Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Greece, Italy, Great Britain, Romania, USA and Turkey), Battalion being comprised within the NRF 9.

The Romanian military performed together with the soldiers from Bulgaria, France and Greece, within a test exercise in the field, the total decontamination of certain motor vehicles and 80 military.

After the “Noble Light I” exercise, the Romanian RBC Decontamination Platoon was certified as a structure able to fulfill missions within the NBC Defense Multinational Battalion.

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