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The Romanian MoD position regarding the allegations highlighted in the report, released on Friday, June 8, by the European Council Legal and Human Rights Commitee, under the supervision of Mr. Dick Marty, is as follows:

1. There never was any Romanian or foreign detention center at the Mihail Kogalniceanu Air Base. Moreover, the air base war open for all those willing to clarify any doubts in this respect, and, as a consequence, it was visited by national and international media representatives, MPs, foreign experts and NGOs representatives.

2. The allegations regarding the existence of CIA detention centers or flights of CIA aircraft in Romania were subjected to a parliamentary investigation. According to the report of the special parliamentary commitee, there were no secret American bases of facilities for prisoner detention in Romania.

3. The Romanian military intelligence service was never involved in any way and at any moment in operations concerning the American air transports or transfers irrespective of their nature. The Romanian intelligence service has no responsibilities on issues regarding the flights privileges or technical stops for foreign aircraft.

4. The Romanian military intelligence service reports to the civilian minister of defence and is subject to parlamentary scrutiny through the special parliamentary commitees.

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