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Beginning of the “Course for journalists transmitting from the areas of conflict”

Major General Tudor Munteanu, deputy chief of Department for the Parliament Liaison and Public Information, opened Monday, July 16, in the barracks of the 2nd Infantry Battalion, in Bucharest, the fourth edition of the “Course for journalists transmitting from the areas of conflict”.

The Course is organized by the Ministry of Defense in cooperation with the General Staff and developed between July 16 and 20, in two military units of the Army Staff, in Bucharest and Predeal, aiming to train the journalists for the situations they could be in the areas of conflict or the high risk areas.

The journalists will be informed on ammunitions and explosive charges, traps and anti personal mines and the rules for the first aid and the behavior at the checking points or in captivity.

During the Course, they will have practical exercises in similar conditions with those existing in the theaters of operations, thus, the journalists, being organized on groups of correspondents, attached to the front line troops or independently acting, have to survive, write and transmit the press materials in difficult situations.

The journalists, who are interested in assisting to different moments of the Course, are expected to come to the Mountain Training Center in Predeal, where, Tuesday, July 17 at 3 a.m. the helicopters with the participating journalists will land.

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