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The MoD leaders met the members of the Commission of the Chamber of Deputies

The MoD leaders met today, August 29, the members of the Commission of Defense, Public Order and National Security of the Chamber of Deputies in visit of documentation at the MoD HQ.

This occasion, the MPs have been informed on the stage of fulfillment by Romania of the commitments towards NATO and the EU, the implementation of the system of planning, programming, budgetary and evaluation, the running of the programs of important acquisitions for the Romanian armed forces, the participation with troops in the theaters of operations, the policy of personnel and the MoD legislative projects.

The budget to be allocated to the Defense Ministry for 2008 represented the central issue of talks and Minister Teodor Melescanu argued that, after the financial projections, a budgetary fond of 1.75% will not be enough and will not cover even the costs of maintenance. “If they do not allocate the necessary funds, then we should establish a level of ambition and review the obligations we assumed towards NATO and the European Union”, stated Minister Melescanu.

Another issue of interest aimed the transfer of the terrains of the deserted barracks and some of the deputies asked their pass, freely, in the administration of the local authorities.

Minister Teodor Melescanu, in this respect, announced that, to do away the political pressure and the local disputes on the transfer of terrains, the MoD will send to the Parliament a draft of law for their capitalization by public auction. The money, according to the draft, will enter into the MoD budget at chapter destined to important endowment programs.

A conclusion of this meeting was the necessity to continue the consultations and their focus on the aspects of interest for the activity of the Parliament and the Ministry of Defense

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