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Humanitarian actions within “BALTICA 07”

The representatives of the Romanian Detachment deployed in Siauliai Air Base, Lithuania, ensuring the Air Police Service in the Baltic States will offer Saturday, September 1, the writing and sport materials to the children in the first class in “Pilot Judreanu Stepano Darius” school, in Klaipeda, occasioned by the beginning of the educational year.

As a continuation of the tradition established by the previous Detachments in supporting the local community, during the week September 3 and 9, the Romanian aviators will visit the children in two orphanages in Siauliai offering them sweets, cloths, and toys and to the leaders of these institutions will offer the materials necessary for the renovation of the spaces.

The Romanian Air Force ensures the Air Police Service in the Baltic States with four MiG- 21 LanceR from Campia Turzii Air Base, for three months, within August 1 and October 31, 2007.

The Romanian military performed till now, more than 70 hours of fly training, night time and daylight always being able to intervene for the defend of the air space NATO trusted them.

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