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Admiral Gheorghe Marin at the Reunion of NATO Military Committee

Chief of the General Staff, Admiral Ph.D. Gheorghe Marin will participate between September 6 and 9, in Canada, in the Conference of NATO Military Committee at Chiefs of General Defence level, on “Ensure of Capability for NATO Future Operations”.

The military leaders of the North Atlantic member states will approach the issues on the planning of operations, the human resources and the materials requested for the participation in NATO led operations and the issues on the training of personnel of the member and partner states for participation in the Alliance’s missions.

The goal of this Conference is to allow the participants to debate the existent concepts and proceedings and to identify the new aspects for the capacity necessary to the running on operations. During the talks, they will establish the details for the NATO Military Committee future meetings.

The Military Committee is highest military authority in NATO working under the overall political authority of the Council, Defence Planning Committee and Nuclear Planning Group. It provides guidance on military matters to the NATO Strategic Commanders (Supreme Allied Commander Europe and Commander of Command for Transformation) whose representatives attend its meetings. The Military Committee meets regularly at the level of Chiefs of Defence. The Military Committee in Chiefs of Defence session normally meets three times a year and at level of military representatives, weekly.
The Chairman of the Military Committee is selected by the Chiefs of Defence and appointed for a three year term of office. Now, the Chairman of the Military Committee is the Canadian General Raymond Henault.

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