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CIMIC in Iraq

Commander of the 32nd Infantry Battalion “Mircea” from Timisoara, Lieutenant Colonel Cristian Dinulica and chief of Planning of Funds for CIMIC projects from the Multinational Division South East, Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Mayfield met in Camp Dracula – the camp of the Romanian military, near Tallil - for the talks on the necessity of development of the projects of reconstruction of this Iraqi region.

The CIMIC officer of the 32nd Infantry Battalion, Lieutenant Dragos Condurache and the officers for civilian-military cooperation from the Multinational Division South East, Major Richard Crow and Captain Ellis Harverson also participated in the meeting.

During the talks, the Romanian military expressed their disposal for the development of the new projects of civilian-military cooperation and the representatives of the Multinational Division appreciated the way of achieving of the already performed projects. “Because the missions performed by the Romanian military had a major impact within the reconstruction of Iraq, especially in Dhi Qar and Al Mutana provinces, the projects promoted by the CIMIC officer of your Battalion should be approved by the command of the Division” appreciated the British guest.

At the end of the talks, the participants agreed on the stage of reconstruction of Iraq, and stated that the civilian-military cooperation represents “a weapon more effective then the weapons”.

The meeting between Dinulica and Mayfield was occasioned by the final inspection of the school in Al Badur, in the Romanian area of responsibility. The project was promoted in October 2006 by the military of the 811th Infantry Battalion “Dragonii Transilvani” from Dej, was continued by the military of the 495th Infantry Battalion “Captain Stefan Soverth” from Bucharest and will be ended by the military of the 32nd Infantry Battalion “Mircea” from Timisoara. The construction was made between July 15 and September 15 this year and will be inaugurated for the beginning of the educational year 2007-08.

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