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State of health of the wounded soldiers in Afghanistan

All the four military implied in the yesterday, September 6, tragic event in Afghanistan, benefited the special medical care in Kandahar military hospital.

The Platoon commander, Lieutenant Nicolae Grigore has cut wounds on the left shoulder and light burns on the chest. He was operated by a team of military doctors in Kandahar and will return to his activity in the theater of operations.

NCO Alex Octavian Zafiu has a politraumatism on superior and inferior limbs, and cervical lesion. He was operated and is still in a medical severe but stable condition.

Major Sergeant Mircea Daniel Solomon has a trauma on the left leg and Major Sergeant Marius Enescu has a cut wound on the right shoulder. During the night they have been transported to Kandahar military hospital for deeper investigations. The doctors established the wounds are not severe and they were released and will return to their activity in Qalat military base.

The families of the wounded soldiers were announced on the evolution of their state of health and they are in permanent connection with the MoD representatives. The state of health of the four wounded soldiers is permanently over-watched.

After the yesterday, September 6, event in Zabul province, Senior Sergeant Aurel Marcu died on duty and the other four military from the 33rd Mountain Battalion “Posada” deployed in Afghanistan were wounded.

Senior Sergeant Aurel Marcu, born in 1976 in Gaesti, Dambovita County, was the armoured carrier driver and the chief of team of the anti-armoured carriers. He was married and had a child.

The Defense Minister, Teodor Melescanu, Admiral Ph.D. Gheorghe Marin, chief of the General Staff and the military colleagues from the 33rd Mountain Battalion “Posada” expressed their deep regret for this tragic event and transmitted sincere condolences to the family of Senior Sergeant Aurel Marcu.

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