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Torpedo firings and launches during “Litoral 07”

The Romanian Navy, between September 10 and 16, organizes and develops “Litoral 07” exercise, artillery firings and torpedo launches, in the Romanian territorial waters and the Black Sea western basin, with the participation of 22 vessels, three mobile launch installations, a IAR 330L helicopter of the Romanian Air Force and 2,300 military.

“Litoral 07” is a joint troops and command on map exercise, led by the Flotilla Command aiming to improve the participant structures in planning and leading of actions on sea and on ground.

Between September 11 and 13, they have the artillery firings and torpedo launches from the fighting ships. Till now, they had artillery firings with the armament on board, anti-submarine and anti-vessel torpedo launches and trainings for missions that are specific for each type of vessels.

The mission is filmed / photographed from a helicopter during a PHOTEX type frame for the evaluation of the action during the launches.

According to the scenario, they planned the exercises of maritime interdiction and surveillance of the maritime and air traffic, discover, follow and control of ships to be considered as suspect, escort of ships and convoys with special loads, ensure of freedom of navigation in the maritime and river area of responsibility.

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