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September 19 – Day of Artillery and Anti-Air Missiles

In the military calendar, the day of September 9, is the Day of Artillery and Anti-Air Missiles. In 1916, September 19, there was the Romanian Armed Forces first anti-air combat when an air attack was repelled and an enemy plane was grounded in Flamanda.

The Artillerymen and the people working in Anti-Air Missile domain, organized celebration for the evocation of the combat tradition and commemoration of those who died on duty.

During the maneuver in Flamanda, the 3rd Romanian Army, in September 19, 1916 the Artillery Battery was equipped with anti-air guns, 75 mm Deport, and rejected an air attack and grounded a plane. The Battery commander, Lieutenant Constantin Constantin was decorated with “Coroana Romaniei” Order in rank of Knight. Due to this success, the day of September 19 was adopted in the period between the two World Wars, as the Day of Anti-Air Artillery.

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