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Regarding the state of health of the five military from the 32nd Infantry Battalion “Mircea” that have been wounded Friday, September 21, during their mission in Iraq we do the following statement:

NCO Nicola Danut, Senior Sergeant Barbu Ilie Adrian, and Soldiers Popa Sorin Catalin and Iovi Marius Traian have been transported today, from Baghdad military hospital to Ramstein US base (Germany) for medical investigations and special treatment. They are assisted by the Romanian doctor Gheorghe Ottobac.

NCO Nicola Danut suffered an operation when the splinters have been taken out from his belly. He also has a fracture at his nose and burns on five percent of his body.

Senior Sergeant Barbu Ilie Adrian suffered burns on 40 percent of his body and has an inflammation of the respiratory ways due to the inhalation of smoke.

Senior Iovi Marius Traian has burns on 30 percent and cranial-cerebral multi-traumatisms and ocular wounds.

Soldier Popa Sorin Catalin suffered burns on 20 percent of his body and has a cranial-cerebral traumatism.

Senior Sergeant Badea Gabriel had light burns, lumbar lesion and wounds on the right arm, was released from the military hospital Tallil and returned to Camp Dracula.

The Minister of Defense is in permanent contact with the families of the wounded military to inform them on the evolution of their state of health.

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