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Minister Teodor Melescanu ordered the measures for the good development of elections for the European Parliament and the referendum

Military, pupils and students from the military educational institutions, soldiers and NCOs, and civilians will apply their right of voting according to the law, in the places of quartering or in garrisons where they are working, according to the Ordered signed today, November 2, by the Defense Minister, Teodor Melescanu.

The Order comprises the measures to be taken by the MoD structures for the development, in good conditions, of the elections for the European Parliament and the referendum on the nominal vote.

The soldiers in the training period within the training battalions or the training centers will benefit of permission between November 23 and 26, 2007 in order to go to their places of residence for voting.

It is forbidden for the MoD staff to participate in the specific activities that are organized and developed by the political parties due to the Euro-parliamentarian elections and the referendum that might suggest the armed forces’ political implication in this event.

The military radio and TV broadcast, the central and territorial military publications will not print the information that are issued by the political parties, cartoons, editorials or comments related to the campaign.

The MoD staff will not participate in distribution of publicity materials and the commanders of the units will not allow the distribution or the post in the units. It is forbidden to develop the events with political connotation (meeting, press conference, ceremony occasioned by the elections) in the units, military cercles or other military locations.

It is forbidden for the armed forces’ personnel to have public or press statements on the campaign or elections.

The military bands will not participate in the activities related to preparation or organization of elections.

During the period of November 22 and 25, there will be no firings; they will not work with explosive materials and there will not be firing exercises.

The military in international missions will exert their right of voting according to the law, in the election stations in the theaters of operations or at the diplomatic missions of Romania in the countries where they are acting.

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