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IAR 330 PUMA SOCAR helicopters are temporally stopped to fly

The IAR 330 PUMA SOCAT helicopters are temporally stopped to fly after the accident that occurred November 7, in the after-noon.

According to the stipulations in force, in case of aviatic catastrophe, the flying activity with the same type of apparatus as that implied have to be stopped till the establishment of causes generating the respective accident. In case of identification of technical causes, all the ships have to be checked. In case the commission establishes the human error as the cause of accident, the flights should be immediately performed.

According to the stipulations, the Commission must present a conclusion within 30 days since the day of the accident.

As concerning the technical state of the helicopter that crushed near Ungheni, Arges County, there are very precise rules/proceedings to be followed for the maintenance and preparation of the flying equipment and they already applied them in this case, too.

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Actualizare: 24.02.2019