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The funerals of the crew of IAR 330 PUMA SOCAT helicopter, crashed in Arges County, will occur Saturday, November 10, at 11 a.m.

Commander Bucur Nicolae was buried in Ghencea 3 Military Graveyard, in Bucuresti.

Lieutenant Craiu Ionel will be buried in “Sfintii Petru si Pavel” Graveyard, Soseaua Aeroportului, Iasi.

NCO Ticea Adrian Alexandru will be buried in Cimitirul Eroilor (Heroes’ Graveyard), in Buzau.

The representatives of the MoD, General Staff and Air Force Staff will participate together with their relatives and comrades, in the military and religious ceremonies.

The Ministry of Defense expresses the regret for the tragic event.

COMMANDER BUCUR NICOLAE was born in April 1, 1958, in Bucharest, had 2,700 hours of flight, 8000 hours on this type of helicopter. He was officer since 1981, trainer on all the flying conditions, and was appointed the commander of the helicopter group. He was married and had two daughters.

LIEUTENANT CRAIU IONEL was born in October 10, 1980, in Iasi. He was officer since 2003, unclassified pilot with 175 flying hours and appointed as pilot. He was married and had no children.
NCO 2nd class TICEA ADRIAN ALEXANDRU was born in July 13, 1971, in Targu Ocna and had 360 flying hours. He was NCO since 1994 and appointed as mechanic. He was married and had a child.

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