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Graduation ceremony in Pitesti

The graduates of the “Course of training in development of the leaders’ skills” will be appointed in rank of Sergeant during the ceremony for appointment in the first rank of NCO, in the Military School of Military Foremen and NCOs of the Army, in Pitesti, Friday, December 14, at 10 a.m.

258 young military (81 from Infantry, 62 from Auto, 24 from Artillery and Rockets, 27 from Engineering Troops, 6 from NBC Troops, 47 from Communications and Informatics and 11 from Missiles and Anti-Air Artillery) have been trained for five weeks, according to the new concept of NCOs training.

The curriculum of the Course comprised themes like military environment, methods of training, leading a team on tactical field and the physical training.

Representatives of the Army Staff, local officials, commanders of units from Pitesti garrison, parents, relatives and friends will participate in this event.

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