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Rotation of military in Kosovo camps (Notthing Hill and Klina) where the deployed Romanian contingents participating to the peacekeeping operations is performed these days.

This occasion, representatives of KFOR leadership and of BELUKROKO and ITALCON detachments handled medals (NATO Medal and Belgian Commemorative Medal) and diplomas as sign of the exemplar way the 200 Romanian military fulfilled more than 1000 missions running more than 60, 000 km by the equipment they were endowed.

The missions were patrol and escort of convoys in the responsibility region, search of armament and ammunition illegally possessed, install and secure of the observation points and traffic control, control of the administrative line between Kosovo and Serbia, guard of Orthodox church from Budisavici and participation to the disposition of guard of the airport from Pristina.

It was a very good cooperation between the Romanians, Belgians and Italians. The exquisite results in performing the missions ensure the requirements that the sub-units taking the relay race of the Romanian presence in Kosovo to contribute to keeping the peace in the region.

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Actualizare: 20.02.2019