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Chief of General Staff have participated in the self evaluation meeting in Brasov garrison

Admiral Ph.D. Gheorghe Marin, Chief of General Staff have participated Friday, January 25, in the self evaluation meeting to “Sarmizegetusa” 2nd Mountain Brigade in Brasov garrison.

The Brigade command team have analyzed the indicators of self evaluation, showed the unit positive results and the problems they have confronted with. Thus, at the end of 2007 the entire Brigade’ structures have fulfilled the operational standards. Last year, two Companies have participated to the missions in Kosovo and Iraq, and the 33rd Mountain Battalion ended the NATO led mission within ISAF in Afghanistan.

The Brigade’s units have participated, too in three national exercises; they have organized and developed 22 training camps and two exercises of cooperation with military from NATO member states.

Chief of the General Staff appreciated as good the level of manning with officers, NCOs and volunteer-soldiers and detailed the measures to be taken for the improvement of this indicator at the entire armed forces level. As for the last year results, Admiral Marin appreciated the performances but showed that these must not remain singular and the reached standard must be confirmed by every internal and international mission. As speaking about the logistic endowment, the self evaluation report have showed that although with some limits, the technical endowment was substantially improved in the last years.

Admiral Marin requested a special care to be taken for the armed forces patrimony and the implication in solving the social problems at the garrison level in cooperation with the local authorities. In the same time, the chief of the General Staff presented the priorities of the Romanian armed forces for the fulfillment of the strategy of transformation especially in re-dimensioning of the central command structures, improvement of endowment and implementation of NATO standards.

Participants in this activity were Major General Ion Barloiu, deputy chief of the Army Staff, Major General Nicolae Dohotariu, commander of the 1st Territorial Army Corps, and Brigade General Ion Palsoiu, chief of the Forces Operationalization, Generation and Evaluation Directorate from General Staff.

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