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Romanian-US Joint Committee Meeting Planning Conference

The Center of Coordination and Monitorization of Implementation of the Agreement of Access (CCMIA) in the Department of Defense Policy and Planning organized the First Romanian-US Joint Committee Meeting on implementation of Law no. 268/2006 on the “Agreement between Romania and the United States of America on the activity of the US forces stationed on the Romanian territory”, between February 13 and 14, at the MoD HQ.

The US participants in this event were representatives of the US Forces Command, Europe (EUCOM), and the US embassy in Bucharest, and the Romanian part was represented by officials from the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The talks between the Romanian and the US officials, focused on issues related to the agenda and the time to hold the first Romanian-US Joint Committee Meeting and they identified the administrative and working structures of the Joint Committee.

Aspects on the general frame of development of the training program in 2008 and the perspectives of the US forces training in Romania in 2009 were also approached.

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