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Course of medical assistance in Lagman Base, Afghanistan

The military from the 30th Mountain Battalion, deployed in Lagman Base, Qalat, Afghanistan, participated together with the US trainers in the Course of medical assistance “Combat Life Saver” developed between August 11 and 13 at the initiative of the Battalion doctor in chief, Major Daniel Aron.
“Combat Life Saver” is the appointment of the military within the subunits that is assigned to perform not only his main mission but the mission to medically assist, too, in combat conditions. Thus, in missions, the medical person will be accompanied by a person special trained to grant the medical assistance.
For three days, 10 military from the Battalion combat forces learned from the US trainers from the Provincial Reconstruction Team the main operations to be performed for the medical assisted persons.
At the end of the Course, the Romanian military received the certifies attesting their training and in future they could apply the blood stop proceedings, the intervention on wounds, traumatisms and other different situations that could put life in danger.

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