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Romanian – German working camp, at the end

The close up ceremony of the Romanian – German working camp to take care of the war graves from Buzau Graveyard of Heroes, has occurred Tuesday, August 26, at the Joint Operational Command “Maresal Alexandru Averescu”.
The working camp with the participation of 12 German military and 8 Romanian military from the 47th Communications and Informatics Battalion “General Nicolae Petrescu” worked, was organized by the German Association of taking care of the war graves and the Joint Operational Command.
For two weeks, the Romanian and German soldiers re-arranged 9 alleys of about 260 squared meters and took care of the 1500 graves of the German soldiers lost in action in the two World Wars.
Brigade General Dan Ghica Radu, commander of the Joint Operational Command “Maresal Alexandru Averescu”, Roland Lohkamp, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany in Bucharest, Lieutenant General Friedrich Wilhelm Ploeger, commander of the Air Operational Command from Germany, Lieutenant Colonel (ret.) Roland Schmitt, representative of the German Popular Union from Romania, Alexandru Gabriel Balaban, prefect of Buzau County and Marcel Ciolacu, vice-mayor of Buzau town participated in the close up ceremony.
The Romanian and German officials awarded diplomas and medals to the military participants in the working camp. A military and religious ceremony and lay of wreaths occurred at the Graveyard of Heroes.

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