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An RBC decontamination sub-unit and an officer observer from the Terrestrial Operational Compound will participate, between August 27 and September 6, in “WHITE CLOUD” multinational exercise developed in Drawsko Pomorskie shooting range, Poland.
The main goal of the exercise is to check on the interoperability between the contributors in the Poland led CBRN/NRF 12 Defence Multinational Battalion and to certify this Battalion as the structure able to fulfill its missions within NATO Reaction Force, rotation 12.The states to participate in the exercise are Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Italy, Romania, USA and Poland. The 7th NBC Regiment from Poland and the Joint Command from Lisbon have the responsibility to certify the Battalion.
The Romanian military have a reach international expertise due to the fact that they have participated in multinational exercises such as “GOLDEN MASK 04”, “GOLDEN MASK 06”, “PEACEFUL DRAGON 06” and “NOBLE LIGHT 07”.

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