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Tuesday November 11, 03 at 13.05 hours (Romania’s time) a column of armored vehicles of the “Razboieni” 151st Infantry Battalion acting within ENDURING FREEDOM operations in Afghanistan returning from an ordered missions was attacked in the area of Spin Puldac south of Afghanistan at the Pakistan border).

As a result of this accident senior sergeant FOGORASI IOSIF-SILVIU was deadly wounded and another Romanian NCO was heavily wounded. Both of them were in the first of the armored vehicles. The wounded NCO was evacuated by a MEDEVAC helicopter and transported to Kandahar base and submitted to a surgery, his state being stable.

Silviu Fogorasi was 33 years old.

A MoND commission will be in a very short time in Afghanistan for the adequate researches. For the time being supplementary rules of protection for the Romanian soldiers acting in the theaters of operations were taken.

Romanian MoND expresses the profound regret for the suffered lost and is solider with the mourning family. The Ministry of National Defense will take care of all the consequences for the family. The two Romanian military will be decorated and senior sergeant Fogorasi Iosif Silviu will be post mortem ranked second lieutenant.

Ministry of National Defense appreciates this mission implies many risks and appreciates the devotion and the professionalism of the Romanian military acting according to the engagements assumed by Romania. As the Ministry of National Defense counts on the Romanian military from the theaters of operations so they can count on the support granted by the leadership of the Ministry of National Defense.

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