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Participating to the international conference “NATO’s Transformation –Agenda for A New Century”, minister of National Defense Ioan Mircea Pascu met in London December 8, in the after-noon, Evgheni Marciuk the Ukrainian minister of Defense. The two ministers’ discussions were focused on the Romanian-Ukrainian cooperation, the transfer of expertise in the reform of the military body and the technical cooperation between the two Armed Forces.

Minister Pascu presented to his Ukrainian counterpart few aspects of the reform ongoing in the Romanian Armed Forces and the participation to operations outside the borders that –according to his opinion –“represented the catalyzer of the military body reform. The presence in the theaters of operations made a hurried the crystallization of the new structures of our Armed Forces making us to adapt our equipment, training of personnel, working proceedings according the requirements of interoperability”.

Approaching the situation in the Republic of Moldavia, the Ukrainian and the Romanian ministers of Defense agreed on the fact that it has a regional and European dimension and must be settled down in a multilateral frame.

The two ministers expressed their disposability to strengthen the cooperation by periodical consultations at the Defense ministers level and also at other levels such as the policy of defense and the two General Staffs.

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