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The AISG/AFSOUTH team will pay a visit in Romania between February 12 and 13, 04 invited by Major-General Mihail Orzeata, deputy director of the General Staff.

During the talks with the Romanian specialists the delegation headed by the Italian Colonel Nicola Ficco, AISG/AFSOUTH director will evaluate the progress the Romanian Armed Forces reached for our country’s integration within the North Atlantic Alliance. They will identify the methods through which AFSOUTH, the NATO command in charge with integration of Bulgaria, Romania and Slovenia can continue to grant the real support for this process of acceding and they will establish the areas of interest and the points of contact for each of them.

NATO’s delegation will watch the presentations of the staffs of services of the Romanian Armed Forces and will visit a mountain troops unit, the Regional Center of Management of Resources of Defence and the Main Air Operational Command.

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