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Lt. Cristian Canuci, PR officer of the 26th Infantry Battalion “Neagoe Basarab” transmitted:
An Nasiriyah, March 28, 2004 – The humanitarian aspect of the mission in Iraq is an essential part of the entire activity of the infantry men from Craiova, Romania acting in DHI QAR Province in South of Iraq. Under the coordination of the Red Scorpions and with the Multinational Coalition’s founds, an Iraqi firm recently finished the renovation of the school from AL ISLAH with 300 pupils.

After the inauguration ceremony, Lt. Col. Nicolae Ciuca, the commander of the Battalion offered packets with school supplies, toys and sport supplies. The school supplies were set at disposal by the US troops with whom the Red Scorpions develop a special relationship ever since the mission in Afghanistan in 2002. ‘Today, I saw happy children and that is important for me” Lt. Col. Nicolae Ciuca said during the meeting with the sheiks and the chief of the Local Council from AL ISLAH.

The works at this school are part of the program initiated by the Battalion’s command in order to establish relations with the representatives of the local community for finding out the problems they are confronting with and the possibilities in solving them. The Red Scorpions already ended few projects such as the water cleaning station and a network of hydrological land management in the most important city in their area of responsibility.

These achievements made the population to hope in a better and more secure future. During the meetings with the representatives of the local population from the most important places where the Romanians are acting, most of the leaders declared they are considering us as “real friends” and they are very pleased by the activity developed by the 26th Infantry Battalion “Neagoe Basarab” in their two months mission in Iraq.

The meetings with the local leaders will continue to be organized.

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