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SHIRBRIG at the end of its mission

The member countries of SHIRBRIG made the decision to cease all operational activities starting with June 30, 2009 and to bring the initiative to an end.

According to the conditions stipulated in the Memorandums of Understanding signed by the parts, the member countries, included Romania, will start a gradual process of conclusion. The SHIRBRIG experience and the lessons learned will be shared with the member countries and the organizations involved in peace keeping operations.

Due to the changes in the security environment, development of NATO requirements as well as member countries’ commitments to participate in peace keeping operations, these countries came to the conclusion that other organizations may ensure a better visibility in supporting ONU.

SHIBRIG was created in 1996, based on a common decision of the member countries. It aimed at improving ONU capacity to rapidly deploy forces. Starting its setting up, the initiative proved itself to be viable through the assistance lent to ONU in planning the missions carried out in Africa (UNMEE, UNMIL, UNAMIS, UNMIS, Ivory Coast, AMISOM ši MINURCAT).

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