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Evaluation of the militaries from the 26th Infantry Battalion from Craiova

The General Staff's commission and the specialists from the Joint Operational Command evaluated Monday, February 16, the 311 militaries from the 26th Infantry Battalion from Craiova, part of the detachment to leave for the theater of operation from Iraq. Their missions, according to the Memorandum of understanding between Romania and Iraq, signed in January 2009, will mainly be the humanitarian actions, medical support, training and counseling.
In the presence of the chief of the General Staff, Admiral Gheorghe Marin, Ph.D. at the end of this activity, during the meeting held at the Military Club in Craiova, the members of the commission announced the evaluation's results in operations, management of human resources, logistic support, communications and informatics, training, and medical assistance and concluded the Red Scorpions are ready to fulfill their missions at the best.
The members of the commission, in the same meeting, presented to the General Staff leaders the results of the controls that have been made in the units in Craiova garrison on training, permanent service in the unit, guard and security of warehouses, and stressed on the fact that all the legal stipulations are correctly observed. The participants in this activity, the commanders of the units from this garrison informed Admiral Marin on the units' current activities.

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