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The militaries are participating in the plant with timber campaign

Minister of National Defence, Mihai Stanisoara, participated Sunday, March 22, alongside the militaries from the 1st Infantry Division Command "Dacica" and the 2nd Infantry Brigade "Rovine" in the campaign of plant with timber in Dabuleni area, Dolj County. "It is a praiseworthy initiative and thus, we, the MoND representatives, we are participating in. An incredible number of people are here, thousands of them, from pupils up to the old people. It is a touchy thing to see the people and this makes us sure that the Romanians do have respect for nature" stated Mihai Stanisoara. In the action, developed under "Romania will take root" logo, voluntarily participated 100 militaries (officers, and NCOs) together with the representatives of the local administration and Dolj Forest Direction. They plant with timber the Dabuleni area (more than 1000 acacia trees on an area affected by the desert phenomenon). "We are together with the population from this region as we were three years ago during the heavy spring floods in 2006. Together, militaries and civilians, we are participating in build of a clear and healthy environment for our children and thus, we are contributing in stop of the desert that is affecting this place" stated the commander of the 1st Infantry Division, Major General Nicolae Dohotariu, participant in this activity.

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