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The commander of the Multinational Division South, from Iraq visited the "Red Scorpions"

The commander of the Multinational Division South, US Major General Michael Oates visited the militaries from the 26th Infantry Battalion "Neagoe Basarab" deployed in Dhi Qar province, south of Iraq. The Battalion commander, Lieutenant Colonel Gabriel Toma, Ph.D. presented to the US guest the history of the unit from Craiova, the expertise gained along the time and the 26th Infantry Battalion's capability to fulfill the missions within "IRAQI SUNSET" operation. A distinct moment was the visit paid to the wooden church, a church that the Infantrymen from the 26th Battalion built in 2004 in "White Horse" military camp and successively was moved in Mittica camp and than in Dracula camp; a church to protect the 5000 Romanian militaries who acted in the region in the six years of Romanian military presence in Iraq. "I am sure it is very hard for you to be far from your families, but our participation to the missions in Iraq is a noble cause. You fulfilled your missions entirely. I thank to the "Red Scorpions" for the exemplarily way you fulfilled the missions, for sympathizing with the Iraqi population and for the granted support. Romania has all the reasons to be proud of you" stated General Oates during the discussions with the Romanian militaries in Camp Dracula. The training of the Iraqi armed forces being the Romanians' main mission, the commander of the 26th Infantry Battalion and the US General went to Mittica military base, too, in order to visit the Romanian Infantrymen training the Iraqi special forces. The two officials saw the training proceedings, the organization of themes and theoretical and practical sessions and the relationship with the Iraqi militaries.

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