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Wounded militaries in Afghanistan

Sergeant Orban Csaba Attila and Corporals Cretu Adrian Gabriel, Lungu Madalin and Vargau Eugen from the 21st Maneuver Battalion were wounded today, April 7, at about 7.45 hour (Romanian mean time) in Afghanistan. In this incident, Captain Iuliu Vasile Unguras was killed; he was leading a patrol mission on A1 Kandahar-Kabul highway.
The wounded militaries were immediately evacuated to Kandahar hospital (Sergeant Orban and Corporal Cretu) and to Lagman hospital (Corporals Lungu and Vargau) for specialized medical assistance. The four wounded persons are in a medically stable condition.
The leaders of the Ministry of National Defense express their deep regret for loosing Captain Unguras and over-watch the wounded militaries' state of health.

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