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"STRIKE LANCE 2009" US-Romanian exercise

The 12 F15 E US airplanes, participants in the US-Romanian "STRIKE LANCE 2009" exercise will land on Campia Turzii military airport on Friday, April 17, starting 12 hours.
The exercise will be developed between April 21 and 30, at the 71st Air Base "General Emanoil Ionescu" Campia Turzii.
More than 250 US militaries with 12 F15 E airplanes and the adequate equipment from the 494th USAFE and more than 200 Romanian militaries with 6 MiG 21 LanceR from the 71st Air Base will participate in this exercise. The aim of the exercise is to improve the training and execution of the specific missions and to support the combat actions.

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