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The Artillerymen from the 81st Mechanized Brigade in the shooting range

The militaries from the heavy infantry armament subunits from the 811th and the 812th Infantry Battalions and the militaries from the anti-tank subunits from the 817th Artillery Battalion will have tactical firing exercises and training firings in Turda (Bogata) and Cartisoara shooting ranges.
The activity is the end of an important stage of theoretical and practical training the platoon training stage.
For four days, the militaries will act in physical and psychical overstress, night and day. Complex situations, close to the real ones will be created during the exercises for the militaries to apply the knowledge they achieved in the shooting range and training fields.
Each activity will be evaluated for having a correct idea on the militaries training level.
The subunits will jointly act, the militaries from the 817th Artillery Battalion will perform the missions by night against the "enemy" armored carriers while the militaries from the 812th Infantry Battalion will have the missions to illuminate the terrain to support the militaries from the anti tank subunits.

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