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Events on May the 9th

The Ministry of National Defense will organize Saturday, May 9, in the places where the units and the big units are deployed, in the garrisons all over the country, the activities celebrating the Day of State Independency, the Day of Victory of the UN Coalition in the Second World War and the Day of Europe.

In Bucharest, at the Monument of the Heroes in front of the National Defense University "Carol I" at 10 a.m. will occur a military and religious ceremony and lay of wreaths; the participants will be the representatives of the Ministry of National Defense, war veterans, and militaries in reserve and retreat.
At the National Military Museum "Regele Ferdinand I" on May 9 and 10, between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. will occur the Days of the Museum, with the logo "10 maiu la Museul Militar". On this occasion, they will present the uniforms and the equipment that was used by the Romanian armed forces in the second half of the 19th century, a military parade with old times' uniform, and the firings with guns from 1866-1870. For the visitors, they will arrange a mini-shooting range for the air compressed guns, will bring a campaign kitchen to prepare "the war food" and the Service of the Military Bands will have a concert.

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