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The third reunion of the Romanian -American Joint Committee

The Centre of Coordination and Monitoring the Access Agreement Implementation (CCMIA) from the Department of Defence Policy and Planning organized between May 11 and 13 in Bucharest (National Military Club Palace) and Mihail Kogalniceanu the reunion of the Romanian - American Joint Committee to implement the stipulations of Law no. 268 from June 2006 on the "Agreement between Romania and the United States of America on the activities of the US forces that are stationing on the Romanian territory".
The Romanian part was led by State Secretary for the Defence Policy and Planning, Viorel Oancea and the representatives of the Ministry of National Defense and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The US part was headed by Major General Paul Schaffer, director for Strategies, Policies and Evaluations from EUCOM and the USAEUR and USAFE representatives and the officials from the US Embassy in Bucharest.

The Romanian and the US officials tackled on the stage of implementation of the Access Agreement between Romania and the United States of America and the common Romanian-American exercises to be developed this year in facilities and enlarge area of maneuver in Tulcea and Constanta Counties.

The two delegations also talked about the elaboration of a new arrangement of implementing the arrangement of civilian emergencies and NBC protection and the stage of Forward Operating Site and EUCOM projects (humanitarian assistance, modernization and construction of garden-schools, schools and others).

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