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Romania handed over the SEEBRIG command

The SEEBRIG command and the SEDM-CC presidency handing over ceremony occurred on July 15, 2009 in Istanbul. The military and civilian representatives of the seven member states have participated in this ceremony. On this occasion the Brigade General Ph.D. Virgil Balaceanu (Romania) handed to Brigade General Zyber Dushku (Albania) the SEEBRIG command prerogatives, and the Brigade's Flag and signs. At the end of his speech, General Balaceanu thanked to the militaries from the seven member nations for the supported they granted in the two years of mandate and for the efforts the SEEBRIG is confronted with as a credible pace supporting force. General Balaceanu also thanked to the host nation, Turkey, for the efforts to ensure the adequate conditions for their missions. The Ministry of National Defense was represented in this activity by Viorel Oancea, State Secretary for Defense Policy and Planning and Admiral Gheorghe Marin, chief of General Staff. The Romanian militaries manning the Brigade command and a platoon from the 341st Infantry Battalion Topraisar participate in this ceremony, too

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