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Course of saviors in the battlefield

The militaries from the 33rd Mountain Battalion "POSADA", deployed in Mihail Kogalniceanu Aerodrome Administrative Center, Constanta County, are participating together with the US trainers in "Combat Life Saver" course between July 13 and 24, scheduled on two modules, each of five days.
"Combat Life Saver" is the name of the function of a military from a subunit that among his duty also had the mission to grant the first aid in the battlefield. Thus, during the missions there will be a medical person and another one to grant the emergency aid.
During the five days, 30 militaries from Mountain Battalion Combat Forces are exercising with the US trainers from the East Operations Force Command with expertise in real conditions emergency aid the main operations to be performed in the emergency aid.
The second module will be developed between July 20 and 24 with the participation of 30 militaries from the same Battalion.

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