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The 90th celebration of Tanks Service

The day of August the 1st, 1919 is an important day for the Romanian Tankmen being the date of establishment of the first Armored Carriers Battalion, a moment that marks the beginning of this service within the Romanian Armed Forces.
The 90th anniversary was celebrated today, July 31 at the Training School for Combat Units "Mihai Viteazu" from Pitesti.
The programme of activities included a military ceremony, lay of wreaths and flowers at the Monument of the Romanian Tankmen and handle of Diplomas of Honor to those that, along the time, had a major contribution to the Tank service development, modernization and affirmation.
The uncovering of an anniversary plaque and the visit paid to the School logistic base, the presentation of a military equipment exhibition and some demonstrative exercises were important moments of this activity, too.
On this occasion, the representatives of the services, military on duty, in reserve and retreat, war veterans and local officials participated in the celebration.

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