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The Scouts' Summer Camp - the 6th edition

The Scouts' Summer Camp opening ceremony will occur Monday, August 10, at 9:30 a.m. at "Henri Coanda" Air Force Academy in Brasov.
The activity is organized by the Directorate of Information and Public Relations from the Ministry of National Defense in cooperation with the Air Force Staff and in partnership with the Ministry of Youth and Sports and "Manfred Worner" Euro-Atlantic Association.
The Camp, developed under "Be the best" logo aims to develop the basic knowledge for the young scouts about the Romanian Armed Forces, to promote the military profession, to present different military structures and to develop and to set into value the physical quality, the spirit of competition and team among the young participants.
The search elements on ground and on air, the orientation in the field, alpinism, techniques of survival in the mountains and military topography are the elements of the camp's programme. Also, the young people will have sports activities and visits to Brasov touristic sites.
The participants, 42 students, boys and girls, from the entire country, were selected in a national competition on line on, between April 1 and June 14, 2009.

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