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Militaries on Mihail Kogalniceanu - Babadag shooting field route

The Romanian and the US militaries participating in "Joint Task Force-East Rotation 2009" exercise will move Tuesday, August 11 to Babadag shooting field, Tulcea County for a training exercise to be performed in common.
During the training, the Romanian and the US militaries will have firings with their armament; will have real firings at platoon level, tactical exercises for urban areas, individual action techniques, joint patrols and the offer of the first aid in the areas of operations.
While they will be in terrain, the militaries will benefit of quartering conditions and medical care similar to those offered by Mihail Kogalniceanu Aerodrome Administrative Center (C.A.A.M.K.).
The move from Mihail Kogalniceanu towards Babadag firing field and return will be made in military columns on wheels (armored amphibious carriers, Stryker armored carriers, HMMWVs and VAMTACs and trucks). The Military Police will escort the military columns on their way.

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