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Military Romanian - Chinese official talks

A military delegation headed by General Li Jinai, member of the Central Military Commission and chief of Political General Department of the Popular Chinese Armed Forces of Liberation paid an official visit in Romania between August 16 and 18, 2009.
The Chinese guests had meeting with the Minister of National Defense Mihai Stanisoara, the chief of Department of Defense Policy and Planning, State Secretary Viorel Oancea and deputy chief of General Staff, Major General Stefan Oprea, Ph.D. on Tuesday, August 18, at the MoND HQ.
Minister Stanisoara during the meeting reiterated our open for the cooperation with China on both interest issues. "As for the military relations, we are interested to consolidate them and we do wish to continue the political-military dialogue at the two Ministries level" stated the Romanian Minister of National Defense.
General Li Jinai, at his turn, stressed on the fact that, this year we celebrate 69 years of diplomatic relations between China and Romania and showed that the friendship between our peoples is profound and the relations between the countries always were based on the principles of equality, mutual esteem and noninterference in internal affairs. "The military relations are an important part of cooperation between our countries and we are interested to strengthen and increase them" stated the Chinese guest at the end of meeting with Minister Stanisoara.
The official talks have been focused on bilateral military cooperation, non-proliferation of mass destruction weapons, and cooperation between the two armies to counter-act the threats towards the international security.
The Romanian participation in European Security and Defense Policy and the support granted to the EU efforts in international security and the Chinese view on the role to be played by the Shanghai Cooperation Organization were the topics of talks, too.

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