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Ceremony of repatriation for the Romanian militaries from KOSOVO

The repatriation ceremony for the 18th series of Romanian militaries that formed the Detachment of National Forces in Kosovo (ROFND XVIII) from the theater of operations KOSOVO will occur Wednesday, September 9 starting 11 a.m. at the 60th Parachutists Battalion headquarters, in Buzau.
The representatives of the Ministry of National Defense, the militaries' relatives and the representatives of the local authorities will participate in the ceremony.
The ROFND XVIII performed the peace support missions under NATO AQUILA command, between March 5 and September 2, 2009 in the theater of operations in KOSOVO to maintain an environment of security in cooperation with the Italian, Slovenian, Hungarian and Spanish militaries.
A Detachment (ROFND XIX) from the 498th Battalion from Bacau replaced the Romanian militaries, from Buzau.
The relationship between the Romanian Detachment and the locals was a very good one, with no incidents in an environment of security and stability.

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