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Transfagarasan - the 35th anniversary

The military ceremony for the 35th anniversary of Transfagarasan way will occur on Sunday, September 20 starting 12 a.m. in Balea Lac (DN7C- at 2030 meters in altitude).
The activity was organized by the Minister of National Defense with the support of the Professional Association of Ways and Bridges, Brasov branch and the National Association of Militaries in Reserve and Retreat.
In the ceremony the participants were the State Secretary Dan Tataru, the deputy chief of Land Forces, Major General Ion Palsoiu, the former militaries from the 52nd Engineering Regiment "Alba Iulia" that have arranged the northern sector and the militaries from the 1st Engineering Regiment "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" that have arranged the southern sector, the former civilian specialists in building, and the representatives of the Minster of National Defense, of the National Association of Militaries in Reserve and Retreat and of the local public authorities.
For four years, the military and civilian specialists have worked to build one of the most spectacular ways in Romania, crossing Fagaras Mountains, the highest mountains in our country.
The specialists and the military institution, too, are entitled to be proud of their achievement and to remember to the present generations that the armed forces constantly fulfilled their job, no matter the missions they had.
To achieve this remarkable goal, similar to the ways in the Alps, they have made about 4 million cubical meters of embankment, 290 thousands of cubical meters of foundations, 598 thousands of cubical meters of superstructures with macadam, 290 thousands of cubical meters of bricklaying, 830 crossing works, 27 viaducts and bridges and used more than 6 millions of kg of explosives and the vehicles and motor equipment have used more than 18 millions of moto-kilometers.
More than 40 persons were killed or wounded in this sacrifice the Fagaras Mountains asked for to build such a highway of heights that impresses us due to its splendor and spectacularity.

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