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Romanian presence in the EUROCORPS change of command

State Secretary Dan Tataru participated today, September 25, in the military ceremony of EUROCORPS change of command in Strasbourg.
Lieutenant General Hans-Lothar Domroese (Germany) received the EUROCORPS command from Lieutenant General Pedro Pitarch (Spain).
The EUROCORPS was established in 1992 as a French - German military structure and soon became a military organization to serve the European Union and the North Atlantic Alliance's interests. The EUROCORPS main operations were ISAF in Afghanistan, KFOR in Kosovo and SFOR in Bosnia-Herzegovina.
The EUROCORPS creation, operationalization and use in the EU and NATO led operations and missions proved the opportunity and the effectiveness of the military capacities integration in the European plan. The EUROCORPS proved to be a very good example of multinational military cooperation and a viable principle of a single set of forces to be allotted to the North Atlantic Alliance and to the European Union, too.
Romania expresses her wish to contribute to the European Corps with military personnel and the State Secretary's visit, Mr. Dan Tataru, this summer,proved the Romanian interest in the European security.
During the today ceremony they delivered the speeches to invite our country to join the EUROCORPS as soon as possible.

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