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Military Oath Ceremonies

The Ministry of National Defense will organize on Saturday, November 7, the Military Oath Ceremonies for the last graduates and volunteer soldiers from the schools/ training centers.
The ceremonies with the participation of 900 militaries, representatives of local authorities, war veterans, military personnel on duty, in reserve and retreat will occur, thus:
The NCOs and WOs Army Training School "Basarab I" at 10 a.m.
Boboc (Buzau County):
"Aurel Vlaicu" Air Force Training School and "Traian Vuia" NCOs and WOs Air Force Training School at 9 a.m.
"Amiral Ion Murgescu" Navy NCOs Training School at 9 a.m
"Viceamiral Constantin Balescu" Navy Training School at 10,45 a.m.
The 1st Training Battalion "Olt" at 10 a.m.
"Ioan Voda" Terrestrial Artillery and Anti Air Artillery Training Center at 10 a.m

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