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Israeli military delegation on visit at the Ministry of National Defence

An Israeli military delegation headed by Brigadier General Orna Barbevay, the Deputy Chief of the Personnel and Welfare from the Ministry of Defence of Israel, paid an official visit in Romania, between 23 and 26 of November.

During the visit the delegation met the Chief of Human Resources Management, Deputy Chief of the Department of Parliament Liaison and Public Information, the Commandant of the National Defende University and the Chief of the Military Wefare Personnel.

The topics debated reffered to the missions and structure of the Romanian Armed Forces, the recruitment and selection criteria, promotion, training programs, the work environment and social protection offered to the military personnel in the two armed forces. There were also presented the means for supporting the soldiers wounded in TOs and their families, social security for the vetrans retired personnel, as well as the ways of recovery for those wounded while in missions.

Both parts came to the same conclusion, as the challenges faced by the two militaries regarding human resources and social fields are similar and demand similar principles and solving mechanisms that singularizes according to each country economic, political and geopolitical particularities.

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